Selling items for real money punished by perma ban

Asking admins for items or anything of the sort will result in a chat ban up to 4000 mins.

Speaking in any other language than English in shout/trade/hero will result in a chat ban up to 1000 mins.

Giving valid critique is fine, but flaming the staff out of line will result in chat ban/jail. (punishment type and time may vary)


Report instructions will be left on our discord server in the "#Report" Section. Please follow the procedure.

Report opening statements like "Hey GM, you here?" or "Hi." will not be taken seriously.


Botting will result in perma ban. There will be no tolerance for any kind of bots.

In game proccess

If you were scammed, you can report the scammer. He will be banned, but the administration does not return any lost items.

Any bugs or exploits that have been abused and not been reported will result in perma ban to the abuser.


Please try to keep a civil enviroment.

If you advertise any outside services from our discord, you will be banned.

Disrupting the work of GM's and begging for unban will just prolongue the punishment.

obey the rules of l2heiwan


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